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Facebook Tells Its Users That Employers Violate Federal Law By Asking For Passwords. Senate Prepares Anti-Snooping Bill.






Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan has sent a message to its social network’s users: don’t give your password to employers.

Not only is it against better judgement to do so, Egan explains, it is also highly illegal. In fact, the US Senate is working on a bill right now that will ban this type of interference of your personal rights.

According to Egan,  it is a Federal Crime to violate Facebook’s Terms Of Service and employers who continue this practice of asking for passwords “exposes the employer who seeks this access to unanticipated legal liability.”

The crux of the issue is that not only does an employer asking for your password violate your rights to privacy, the practice also violates the privacy of many of your friends and family who are unwillingly exposed to your employer’s snooping.

To read more, check out the official Facebook note.

Source: Facebook Tells Users Not to Give Passwords to Employers As Senate Prepares Anti-Snooping Bill.