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Web Design in Indianapolis

Are you looking for web design in Indianapolis?

So, you started a business. You have your product, your business plan, and your goals. Oh yea, you need an office too. You wouldn’t start your business without somewhere to work, right?

But if you wouldn’t think of starting a business without an office then why would you think about running it without a website? A website is no longer a benefit to your company, it is a necessity. Consider this: 78% percent of people in America use the Internet.

That’s 294 MILLION potential clients you miss out on in America alone by not using the Internet.

We can’t think of any business that can afford to miss out on that many clients, and we know that your business feels the same way. We know the reason you don’t have a website isn’t because you don’t feel that having one is important, it’s that websites typically cost a lot of money, are very time consuming, and require a lot of work to function properly.

Not with Intelligent Designs Media, the “easy website” specialists. We know that a website is like a home: it’s a necessity to own one, but not everyone needs, or even wants, a mansion. And with the typical website costing $3,000-$5,000, a “mansion” of a website may not even be in your budget.

Don’t mistake what we are saying. We don’t make cheap websites in Indianapolis, we make simple websites with low maintenance, handcrafted and fluid code,  and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) integration to help move your site to the top of the Google rankings.

Plus, every site we build now comes with an optional 1-month of social media setup and usage FREE. That’s establishing a presence and interacting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites by our experts absolutely free.

In addition to the website design and construction, consultation, and social media setup, we also offer optional blogging and SEO services for 50% off their original price during the first month. In essence, we provide you with everything you need to bring your business to where the customers are.

For a FREE consultation, contact us at 317-908-7224 today, and ask how we can increase your brand’s recognition immediately.