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Song in the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE9) Commercial

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key lyrics: “Feels like I am just too close to love you”

Song: Too Close

Artist: Alex Clare



  • Gaudez

    Got my attention!!!! Thanks

  • about U

    I strongly believe that seo and social media goes perfect and they improve Public Relations.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • VictoriaRose

    Love the song. Don’t understand how the video relates though.

    • intelligentdesignsmedia

      I wouldn’t think about it too long. Our guess is that it is just a cool song.

    • Isaacsmom1

      LOL, prolly b/c it makes you wanna use IE to go searching for who sang the song (catchy!).  Clever dogs!

    • Claude1864

      Doesnt matter how it relates, as long as its not irritating like 99.9% of the other commercials.

    • Bigfoot_7

      They chose the song because it’s in time with the frog at the beginning… You can totally tell he’s diggin it

  • Jeff Dietzel

    this song makes me want to use the internet immediately

    • intelligentdesignsmedia


  • Megan E

    Love this song!!!!!

  • anon

    Just saw the IE9 commercial. The song totally drew my attention to the commercial (was surfing the web when the commercial popped on. I totally loved the song, and dug the commercial. Great job, Microsoft!

  • Samlhorns

    watching this from firefox…..

    • intelmediagroup

      Exactly, lol.

    • Jewfro

      IE9 is better than Firefox noob…. step your game up dude Chrome is the best browser

      • B117cipher

        All Three browsers have their perks. Calling one better than the other is a noobs mistake in logic.

    • Chastongordon

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA……gotta say…..freakin classic man.  Classic!

  • Tape Side Two

    Just wanted to say thank you for letting us know who wrote and sang this song.  An awesome example of the Dubstep genre.  Hopefully it’ll breakthrough to the pop charts and give Dubstep a boost in general.  The video was exceptional as well.  as well. 

  • Tape Side Two

    Just wanted to say thank you for letting us know who wrote and sang this song.  An awesome example of the Dubstep genre.  Hopefully it’ll breakthrough to the pop charts and give Dubstep a boost in general.  The video was exceptional as well.  as well. 

  • Himeloilta

    Thanks. That commercial was so cool i especially liked the white car i saw.

  • Mja113

    am i the only one that feels depressed when hearing this song?

    • Pete

      Yep. Lonely?

  • Cynical Nihilist

    sounds like cher pukes me out

  • Blah

    Found this using Google Chrome.

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  • Ludoradley

    Watching on safari :3 herp derp

  • Rome777

    I dare say to you ISSACSMOM1, very clever indeed.

  • Jim Ulle

    Amazing song… really wish it wasnt associated with IE but I guess I can get over that fact.

  • ralph

    This is a fantastic song. Glad it was on the commerical!

  • Petermorris550

    As if this is an advert for IE9?! WHAT A CHOOOON!

    (sorry, no matter what level of epic is used, it’s not gonna even make me reconsider using Chrome)

  • userX

    I don`y like the IE at all, but the song is really kewl, but image isn`t always everything so i will continue to use Opera :)

  • Screwyou

    thumbs down if u miss the wahh waah waah waah waah

  • Michelleaguila18

    Sikkkk dubstep!
    Real song, love it-
    Don’t really mind whatever the commercial was about but the song is legit

  • Haras139

    I totally thought this was Gil Mantera’s Party Dream

  • Beastied42

    Alex Clare absolutely conveyed the emotion of the subject matter. Nailed it. Great song Great Lyrics.
    I could care less that MS is associated with the song. I wasn’t sure what the commercail was selling. I was too busy listening to the song.

    • Nancy Talcott

      His voice is very familiar. Did he sing with any groups in the 1980s that you know of? Yes, he nailed this song. Very strong, can completely understand the lyrics, which is a treat nowdays, but do not understand what the 2 people fighting with staffs has to do with the lyrics of the song.

      • MichaelR1951

         The video is a allegory for the relationship he’s exiting….  guy has a serious set of pipes on him.  Microsoft takes a page out of Apple’s marketing guide; but at the end of the day it’s still IE. Clare is the big winner in this. I’d never heard of him until the ad. I’m guessing there’s about 10M more just like me….

      • snevillebu

        About 300,000 views just on our website alone. Guy scored big.

        Steve Neville
        Intelligent Designs Media
        Technology Director/Social Media

  • Logandx

    Love this song!!!

  • Kaitlynholzworth

    Honestly the song is the only thing we ever notice about the commercial we are like “WE HAVE GOT TOFIND OUT WHAT SONG THIS IS!” everytime it comes on lol

  • Katie_izakson

    This song is AMAZING <3

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  • Dee

    I always wondered who sung this song.  Love it.  The commercial really caught my attention just by this song!!!!! 

  • Mnccbandguy

    not too often i find a song i truly enjoy in a commercial. this is one of them.

  • Ronin9674

    Just thankful that the commercial was on so I could hear this guy. I have heard two songs now from him… Big Fan…

  • Boyce1123

    Love this song, the beat is fliping sick. I usually don’t enjoy commercials at all but this ons made me really want to find this song. Great choice Microsoft!!!!!!

  • SW

    A star is born…

  • Mearsy68

    Wow I think I found my new theme song…..

  • WiZz I Dope

    Im from Germany, but this song is sooo… perfect!
    Ill understand it at all, but it would be nicer if i havent to think about the text :D

  • Steph1670

    This song rocks. It is my fav for now. The message alone is awesome as well as his voice…

  • Steph1670

    Now that ive got the video on my cell. I need the ringtone.

  • Andrej

    I love this song and i loved the commercial.  Too bad their browser sucks so bad it’s not even funny.  From a Web Developer perspective.

  • Sigrameg

    Fantastic audio composition, brilliantly aligned with the IE9 advert, great job!

  • Nathansheeren

    I actually used to watch the commercial over and over just to listen to this song until i figured out what it was acutally called

  • Evil1kenobe

    This song is just outstanding! IE really got smart when they used it in their commercial. I looked up this artist just because of their commercial! Fantastic!

  • Chanel


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  • Krymanson

    I’m super into it

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  • adeaus

    this song is terrible pseudo-soul dubstep garbage

  • Michael Brewer

    Great song on the commercial, Microsoft. That being said, I am totally viewing this with google chrome.

  • Alex Clare

    I wrote this song as a joke. I truly hate it. I sold it to Microsoft for a substantial amount of money (at least for me). In hindsight, the money wasn’t worth it as I feel I have ruined my artistic integrity. Whomever likes this song, please check out my other stuff as this is not a true representation of my work.

    • radusername

      I don’t know what in carnation the lyrics are, that’s why I’m here. And its as annoying as a fart in a sawmill(to be expected)

  • Alex Clare


  • Alex Clare


  • Alex Clare


  • Alex Clare


  • Alex Clare


  • Alex Clare


  • Cee Lo

    I love your mother

  • nicole,death valley

    love the song had to find out who song it hope there is a complete album .

  • Colin Endicott

    It may be a good song, but it’s a stupid choice for the commercial and with the constant showing of the commercial, I’m really sick of hearing it. Plus, the lyrics have no relation at all to the message. Whenever I see the commercial coming on, I immediately turn the sound down because it really grates on my nerves. It appears from the posts below that my viewpoint is opposite to the majority, but that’s OK. By the way, I’m posting this through Firefox because IE is a pain on the ass.