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Facebook Tip: How To Prevent Other People From Seeing Your Friends On Your Timeline Or Facebook Page.

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Let’s face it, the Timeline on Facebook has made things confusing for all of us. Just the other day, one of my more technically savvy friends asked me “how do I prevent people from seeing my friends on my Timeline?” At first, I laughed at him for not knowing the answer, but then it occurred to me…I didn’t know the answer to that either.

I quickly realized that this was a problem. Not only because I should know the answer to this, but because of the way Facebook’s privacy regulations are set up. See, when you set your basic, automated privacy  controls to block your photos, wall etc. from being seen by the general public, for some reason the list of  your friends is not blocked from their view.

Meaning, any random schmo’ on Facebook can look up and stalk your friends…

Well, I thought to myself, we have to find the answer to this question and fix this bullshit.

Which is what I did.

And now, I will share the simple and easy steps to block the general public (or others) from seeing your friends when looking at your profile.  We have included  instructions for both the Timeline page, and the Classic (older) page.

From your Timeline:

1. Go to your profile page.

2.  Click on  the blue “friends” in the upper portion of your timeline, to the right of your “worked at, studied, relationship status” info. This will take you to the “friends section” of your profile.

3. In the friends section of your page,  click the “edit” button in the top right.




From here, you can click on the “shadowy people” with the blue arrow next to them, which brings up your options for this page. You can set this page to be able to be viewed by everyone, friends only, or a custom group of select people. Your choice.

From the Classic page:

1. Go to your profile page.

2. In the top right of your profile page, click on the “edit profile” button.

3. Once in the edit profile section, click on the section to the left entitled “friends and family.”

4. From the friends and family section,  scroll to the friends section in the middle of the page, under the relationship status and family sections.

5. To the right of the word friends, you will see a picture of a globe and a blue arrow, click on this globe/arrow.

6. From there, the privacy options will appear and you will be able to choose who is able to view your friends.

And now,  I can go back to laughing at my friend…


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  • wendy

    i can’t find the edit button in step 3 of the timeline section… help thx
    3. In the friends section of your page, click the “edit” button in the top right.

  • Sarah

    This works if they view your friends list but it DOESN’T stop your friends then being suggested to all your other friends so is totally pointless; I have my page set so only I can see my friends but FB then suggests EVERY single one of my friends to other friends that are not mutual.