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Facebook Tip: Your Cell Phone Has A Name Hoax.

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Many of you have probably seen this picture floating around Facebook:

“Your Cell Phone has a name! Take the last three digits of your number (example ***-***-*618) Type it like this @[618:0] in the comments below and hit enter. It’s name will appear!”

The person who made the picture is right to a degree, a name will appear. But it has nothing to do with your cell phone.

The code you are entering by using @[numbers:0] is designed to trigger someone’s Facebook profileID number. A number code assigned to every Facebook user to make databases easier and more simple for the servers and systems.

When you enter “the last three digits of your cell phone number” in the code to find your phone’s name, all you are really doing is entering random numbers into a database that generates someone’s name on Facebook you’ve never met.

This hoax is harmless to you and your computer, but could become annoying if you keep seeing the picture over and over.


However, we invented a simple game if the picture gets annoying and you simply want to give in and see what name comes up. Follow the instructions in the picture and friend the seemingly random person’s name that came up. Your cell phone may have not found a name, but you could have found a friend.


Facebook subscribers hoax

Facebook Friends and Subscribers

  • Stay At Home Brad

    Can you find out your own number? Does it work with higher than 3 digit numbers? Ok, I’ll just go try it out.

  • intelligentdesignsmedia

    Brad, click on any photo in your photo album and check the URL bar when the photo opens. Look for a series of numbers in the URL after the words “Followid=” and those numbers are your profile ID.

    • Katya Kean

      my profile ID is a number followed by a dash, then three numbers.  I can’t seem to use the formula to generate my name using any form of those numbers.

  • Hanii Puppy

    So, basically, it works exactly how we thought it did.

  • Tom


    • intelligentdesignsmedia

      Have to do it on Facebook only.

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  • Adriana

    Gostei muito desse site!

  • Katya Kean

    Never mind, figured it out.  If you click on a picture, then if you look at the URL, the numbers to the left of “&type” and after a “.” is the username number.  Mine is 10 digits long.  My cousin’s is 15 digits long.  So yes, it works for more than 3 numbers.

    No one is 1-3.  Mark Zuckerburg is 4.  His co-founder is 5.  I got bored and got back to my life after that, so I don’t know who else is who.  
    I bet the first 999 FB users are getting a lot of page views lately.

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