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The Song in the NBC 2012 Super Bowl Commercial ‘Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling’

Many people have been asking on Twitter and Facebook: What was the song in the 2012 NBC Super Bowl Commercial shown during the 2012 Pro Bowl with the lyrics “Oh sometimes, I get a good feeling”?

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Look no further:

Song: Good Feeling

Artist: Flo Rida

Of course, we only hear the chorus during the commercial, so I like to think it’s this song:

Song: Levels

Artist: Avicii


- Where to eat during the Super Bowl in Indianapolis

- M83 “Midnight City”

  • AdAn

    The name of the song that goes eh eh eh all I know it’s a pro bowl 2012 song

  • AdAn

    What the name of all the 2012 pro bowl commerical songs

  • intelligentdesignsmedia

    I will definitely try to help you out, do you know any more of the song lyrics?

  • Adriana

    thanks for share!