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Pinterest Review

How can businesses use Pinterest in their best interest?

By now, most of you have read about the amazing success of Pinterest, or the new photo sharing social media site taking over the Internet. But, if you have not, here is an interesting article concerning its success.

I have been using Pinterest for a few weeks now, under my personal account, with the goal of trying to get an accurate read on how one could monetize this for business.

The conclusion I reached may seem obvious, but it is very important that one understands that their success on this medium hinges on their recognition of this point. Pinterest is almost entirely visual, and has the potential to do more harm than good.

So, I will say this:

If you do not have anything interesting visually to share, then stay away from Pinterest.

Honestly, if you can’t produce an awesome graphic, or don’t want to take the time to look for an interesting graphic to share, then you are not going to accomplish anything on this medium. It may seem obvious, but I have already found a few businesses posting lazily on Pinterest, and bad photos just makes your business look, well, bad.

But, if you do want to take the time to make or find something awesome to share, then you have an opportunity to hit a gold mine early.

But how can you take advantage of this as a business?

I saw an interesting infographic while I was surfing the web a few days ago from a company called Liberty Jane’s, showing their business plan for Pinterest:

As you can see , the business plan for Pinterest is much like that of any other social media marketing plan. Become an authority, create an engaged and influenced community of friends, and then slowly integrate your services and deals into your community.

The only difference is that on Pinterest you are doing it with pictures, not words.

But, what if your business isn’t “visually stimulating,” do you avoid Pinterest altogether?

No, absolutely not. In fact, all businesses can use some type of picture to make a point that normally isn’t visual, you just have to think outside of the box.

Posting awesome and informative infographs could do just as good as any blog you write, if it’s well done. And there are plenty of cool and informative infographs out there for you to share to gain followers early on Pinterest.

However, if you eventually want to start integrating your services then it may be time to look into hiring a graphic designer.

Here is an example of an infograph that establishes your business as an interesting authority and can also stimulate engagement within your community of followers:

As you can see, this picture is detailed, well made, and crams a ton of useful information into a visually stimulating picture that can grab the attention of your community. This picture effectively merges traditional marketing, analytics, and data with Pinterest’s visual platform, and this is what needs to be done to successfully build your brand on Pinterest.

To recap, Pinterest differs from other social media in the way that we communicate with others on the site. But it’s marketing strategies (become an authority, engage with followers, push your brand and services), in their essence, remain the same. Do it well and you will be successful. Do it wrong, and you won’t.

It’s that simple.