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Viral Marketing and Consumer Marketing

We have had a lot of requests from clients concerning ‘viral marketing,’ and creating videos that get millions of views and generate significant buzz. Their hopes are high, but the truth of the matter is that ‘viral videos’ don’t work.

We always tell our customers that we won’t employ our video production team unless you have a solid and loyal customer base. Because, the truth of the matter is that you really do not want a video until you have successfully built up a solid customer base online.

What customers want are consumer marketing videos, not viral.

But what does this mean?

Consumer marketing videos are created and spread through your loyal fans. They are guaranteed view videos that often do not go viral, but are much more likely to be passed between potential customers than any ‘viral video.’ In essence, a 500 view video through Consumer Marketing yields a higher potential client base than a video seen by millions of random people.

Viral videos, simply, do not work.

And they do not work for a number of reasons. First, when you go viral, 75% of videos do so for all the wrong reasons. Getting hit in the proverbial junk with a ball is sure to guarantee a ton of views, but what have you just sold to potential customers?

Next, the market is saturated. Posting your video with no predetermined audience and hoping someone sees it and shares it to the point of going viral is mathematically equivalent to winning the lottery nowadays.

There are 20 hours of video uploaded a minute to YouTube.  I will do the math for you to show you how big of a fight you’re facing to go viral:

20 hours of videos per minute = 1200 minutes 

1200 minutes / 5 (average minute length of a youtube video) = 240 videos a minute uploaded

240 x 60 (minutes in an hour) = 14,400 videos an hour uploaded

14,400 x 24 = 345, 600 videos a day uploaded 

So, now you have the metrics to show you just how big of a fight you face per day.

Finally, the downside is tremendous. Once you go viral, people expect viral. And it is just not happening.

I can name on one hand the companies that have made viral videos and sustained their presence. Most go from a million views to  hundreds to 10′s in a matter of weeks.

Here are some sobering stats on ‘viral videos’ :

Viral, or not?

But, if you have a loyal fan base, there is still hope in producing great video advertising. Having your dedicated and influenced fans spread your video to potential customers won’t yield ‘viral views,’ but it will spread the word of your business to a much more targeted demographic, producing a yield greater than what viral marketing could do.

So, is video marketing effective? Absolutely. But, is viral marketing? Absolutely not.

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