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QR codes for business.

Smart, easy, and a great way to share ideas quickly and efficiently.

However, we are only at work 8 hours of the day, and the rest of our time is devoted to our real job. Home life.

So, we got to thinking. What can we do with QR codes that would improve things around the home?

Below are some of our ideas:


Strap a QR code to the back of your mobile device and make it even smarter.

We see this as a two-pronged attack. One, you can put an “if lost, please return to owner (contact details)” code on the back of your phone. Essential for those days when you’re not thinking smarter than your phone. Also, perfect for vacations, nights on the town, or pretty much any time you leave your home. Well, if you’re like me.

Two: Link your business website on the code. Then place your phone upside down on the table at your next meeting and wait until the potential client asks “what is that?”

The QR Dog/Cat Collar:

Pretty straightforward. In addition to a simple collar with your name or address on it, put a QR code on “Buster’s” necklace that links to a reward poster, or even more detailed information about the best ways to return your runaway pooch.

And the same principle can be applied to anything you lose. For me, that would definitely include a wallet, hat, or anything that is often removed from my person during events.


No, not the Quebec Area Rapid Transit system, if that’s even real. What we are proposing is this: Art, in convenient QR code form.

Times are tough, we know that. And unless you are a professional athlete, or Lady Gaga, odds are you’re feeling the effects of the recession at your home.

And we are not proposing you hang up QR codes in lieu of works of art on your walls. But along the same principles as coffee table books, why not strap some QR codes to some coasters for guests to interact with while you wine-and-dine them?

Can you say: conversational piece?

Still not convinced? Here are some cool examples we thought of:

(Interactive. Try them out)

Mona Lisa On The Rocks

Why not strap this to a coaster or side table and encourage guests to put their chardonnay on one of the most influential works of art in history?


Put this one in your bathroom, and have your visitors enjoy Maxim Magazine while they answer nature’s call.

A live reading of ‘Howl’ on your patio? Why not? How about being read by Ginsberg himself? Sure!:

As you can see, the options are only limited by your creativity. So, we want to know what crazy ideas you have thought up! Leave a comment below.

  • RiverUnderWater

    I suppose we should have seen that coming

  • jack

    Hello…What can we do with QR codes that would improve things around the home?
    see QRious DECO – Interor Hyper Reality Design

  • Andreas Schuderer

    Thanks for the article. Hm, the first two cases are better solved with clear-text labels, and the middle ones are pure gimmicky “hey-it’s-a-qr-code” show-offs. The last two are kinda useful/nice.

    But how about some REAL uses?

    For example, if you manage your shopping list on the web for your whole family to access (remember the milk, evernote,…), why not stick this as a qr tag to the fridge?

    Or, alternatively, create a twitter url that posts “hey i’m going shopping. Need anything?” to your family members and stick it to your fridge or the reusable shopping bag you keep in your car. I’m sure you can think of other action/location-based status updates.

    Why not stick qr tags linking to manuals or configuration information to your rarely-used electronic devices?

    A tag on your remote control linking to the tv programme or imdb? No-brainer.

    Cant remember which kind of bulbs that light fixture uses when you need to change bulbs some 18-ish months later? Stick the information in a non-visible spot.

    Are you going by bus or train often? Qr code by the door, linking to “next leaving trains” of your local transport organisation.

    Qr code by the window/clothes hanger: local weather forecast for the day.

    Pretty much anything that can be expressed as a url can be used in qr codes: search queries, posting information to twitter, etc. And Qr codes support more than http links as well: you can store short, unchanging passages of text. And something that is little-known: you can link to any kind of url, not only http, but also custom uri schemes like evernote:, mailto:, etc.

    The possibilities are vast, and offer more than just the novelty of qr codes.

    More ideas?